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Boiler/Operating Information

Fuel Type
Boiler Nominal Rating
Ambient Temprature, °F
Stack Temprature, °F1
Average % O2 in Stack (Dry), %
Boiler Annual Operating Hours
Average Load, %
Known or Calculated Radiation & Convection Losses?
User Input Rad & Convection Losses,% of Rated Input
Cylindrical or Rectangular Style Boiler?
Boiler Diameter,ft
Boiler Length,ft
Boiler Height,ft
Boiler Width,ft
Boiler Average Surface Temperature, °F
Average Wind Speed in Boiler Room,mph

Fuel Prices

Natural gas Cost, $/Therm $
Propane Cost, $/Gallon $
# 2 Fuel Oil Cost, $/Gallon $


Boiler Rated Input (nominal), Btu/hr 576000
Average Load, Btu/hr 15200
Fuel Lower Heating Value (LHV), Btu/lb 19886
Fuel Higher Heating Value (HHV), Btu/lb 21573
Excess Air 36.80 %
Radiation & Convection Losses at Rated Load,% 0.35
Radiation & Convection Losses at Average Load,% 0.00
Boiler Efficiency at Avg Load,%(drop the HHV),2 83.64
GHG (CO2) Produced at Avg Load, Tonnes/yr3 717.90
Annual Operating Cost 5492

Reduced excess air savings - w/o economizer

Reduction in Excess Air, %
New Average O2 Level in Stack, % 4.06
New Boiler Efficiency, % 84.42
New Annual Operating Cost 5441
REDUCTION IN GHG(CO2) Produced at Avg Load, Tonners/yr 3 0.34
Reduced Excess Air - Annual Savings 51

Boiler Stack eConomizer savings

Stack Temperture Reduction, oF
Economizer Stack Outlet Temperature, oF 325.0
Boiler-Economizer Pkg Efficiency, % 85.56
Boiler-Economizer Pkg Annual Operating Cost 5369
REDUCTION IN GHG(CO2) Produced at Avg Load, Tonners/yr 3 0.50
Stack Economizer - Annual Savings 123
Boiler Efficiency with Saving Measure Employed 00.00 %
Total Potential Annual Saving $ 7,267
Total GHG Reduction Potential, Tonners/yr3 29


1.Minimum Allowable Stack & Economizer Outlet Temp is 140 °F

2.Heat Loss Method, based on Siegert Formula including R&C Losses

3.Greenhouse Gases(GHG) expressed a metric tons CO2 based on average load

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